Monday, June 15, 2009

Character Design

Hey again,

Here are two drawings for an up coming character design, for the animation portfolio. any critics, comments and suggestions are greatly welcomes and suggested so i can make this a solid character design as soon as possible.

Thanks for you time



  1. Animated nipples always make me laugh... hahaha

    Awesome design Dave! Do you have more poses?

  2. These are awesome, David! I really like the lines you've chosen. I feel like a bum for saying anything crit like, but I do think that you could take this design much further! His body is so nice and fluid, but his face is more static. It may be the fact that the nose thinger is a rectangular shape which is very UNfluid, lol! Also, have you considered giving him no eyes? It creates a sort of dumb/brutish look to a character. :D

    His silhouette is really nice and I DIG those proportions! Anywho, don't get the wrong idea kays? ^_^ I really like this character and I think he's great!!! Ever watch Dave the Barbarian by any chance? Awesome


  3. love the viking! here's my opinion: The club (or mase i do not know the correct term) could be emphisize threat and the fact that he can lift a heavy blunt object. Also, his angry face isn't angry enough Maybe more teeth and his eybrows should be more angled down (toward the nose). but other than that... I'd share a beer with him lol. definate animation quality!